Always Delivering the Highest Quality Seed Technology

Quality is a key pillar in Germains Seed Technology’s processes. We pride ourselves on producing top quality Sugar Beet and Horticultural seed treatments to the highest industry standards for our stakeholders.

Five years ago, Germains became the first seed technology company to become ESTA (European Seed Treatment Assurance) accredited in the UK, supporting our drive to deliver the highest quality product to market.

Focussing on Quality: What is ESTA?


Represented in 17 European countries, ESTA, an industry led voluntary scheme,  has over 100 individual accredited seed treatment sites that cover a number of crops, such as Corn Maize, Oil Seed Rape, Sunflower, Cereals, Vegetables as well as Sugar Beet. The ESTA certification guarantees a number of assurances on the seed treatment processing of these crops (ESTA, 2018), including:

• Complete process and quality documentation
• Continual improvement of processes and standards
• Adequately trained personnel


Why ESTA matters to Germains?

The ESTA scheme provides key assurances that Germains only treats seed with authorised plant protection products and delivers a defined quality for our end users:  farmer, grower, plant raiser or contractor.  It also ensures that professional treatment companies stay ahead of the curve with future regulatory demands.



Germains R&D Technician at work

The quality of treated seed also greatly influences the safety of seed handling; seed should be evenly treated and comply with very low dust threshold standards. These specifications are mandated by values defined by the ESTA scheme, which ensure that Germains’ processes are delivering top quality seed technologies that can be safely handled and planted by operators.


An Example of Germains’ treated Sugar Beet seed

Please click here to learn more about the ESTA Industry Scheme’s history and benefits to the seed treatment industry.

The ESTA scheme and logo are owned by the European Seed Association.