Drilling for better establishment

Germains is proud to be supporting the upcoming BBRO operator training course ‘drilling for better establishment’, providing a guide to gaining optimum drill performance.

BBRO Operating Training Course Agenda

There will be two sessions available for all sugar beet drill operators and contractors, which will be held on Thursday 18th at Holmewood Hall, Peterborough and Monday 22nd February at Easton & Otley College, Norwich. The meetings will focus on: Practical soil management, cultivation techniques, the pelleting of seeds and drill maintenance.

Germains appreciates the importance of both effective drill and operator performance to promote good crop establishment, improving the health, uniformity and ultimately the yield of the crop. Within these sessions, we will be addressing the pelleting of seeds, seed handling and storage advice.

Improve Drilling with Xbeet® plus

Our innovative Xbeet® plus seed technology combines the industry-leading Xbeet seed priming with synergistic enhanced seed pellet technology. This pellet has been specifically developed to work cohesively with precision planters, increasing the size of smaller, finer seeds. This technology creates a smoother, rounder and more uniform pelleted seed to aid precision drilling and ensure that the plants have consistent spacing to optimise growth and reduce the need for thinning.

For more information and to reserve a place at a session please contact Francesca.broom@bbro.co.uk

Drilling flier

Please follow this link to download the full invitation.