Germains Attend BBRO Conference

Germains were proud to sponsor the recent BBRO ‘Research in Action’ winter conference, held on Tuesday 5th February at Peterborough Arena.

The conference is one of many communication channels for the BBRO and was attended by over 700 delegates. The conference provided an ideal platform for growers and farmers to learn about the latest technological advances in the industry, providing valuable insight into some of the future collaboration and research priorities for the BBRO. Presentations from leading industry experts focussed on key subjects such as seed treatments, weed control, 2012 crop fungicides and innovation in sugar beet production. Guy Poskitt and Edd Banks also provided insights into the challenges faced by farmers.

As sponsors of the Seed Treatments session, Germains R&D Manager, Eric Paterson highlighted the strong well-balanced research programme provided by Germains to meet the needs of the UK Sugar Industry.

Focussing on key seed treatment categories; physiological , protection and handling improvement; he outlined the priming process exemplified in products such as Advantage, Xbeet and the newly launched Xbeetplus which will be supplied exclusively to UK growers for the 2013/14 sugar beet season.

Germains will be exhibiting at the next BBRO Open Days which will be held in May 2013.