Xbeet® plus – A born performer in the field

Germains Seed Technology has announced the launch of Xbeet® plus, exclusively available to the UK Sugar Industry for the 2013 season. Xbeet plus is a born performer in the field; optimising synergies with the innovative priming technology, Xbeet, to create an enhanced primed sugar beet seed pellet. The pellet has been the most trusted companion of a sugar beet seed for over 70 years, and Germains recognised the opportunity to maximise the pellet’s potential in the field.
xbeet sugar beet prime and pelleting

2013 & 2014 Sugar Beet Sowing Season

Managing Director of Germains, Paul Mullan, said “This a really exciting time for the sugar beet industry. At a time when there are economic pressures and adverse climatic conditions to contend with, Germains main focus is to deliver value to the UK Sugar Beet Growers through our innovative seed technologies. Xbeet plus will deliver this value exclusively to the UK for the 2013 & 2014 sowing seasons.”

Every UK Sugar Beet Grower, since 2008, has benefited from Xbeet; seeing sugar beet plants shoot up faster with an improvement in uniformity, which all adds up to increased yield. Now Xbeet plus pushes these boundaries, offering 2.5% more yield than Xbeet; that’s nearly £45 per hectare more in the pocket of every UK Sugar Beet Grower. John Hoyles, NFU, said “I want to ensure that the UK has the most efficient value chain in the sugar industry, and any increase in yield through new technologies is very welcome. Xbeet offered an insurance policy to our Growers and Germains have strengthened this policy further with Xbeet plus, offering even faster speed of emergence and improved uniformity. I am looking forward to seeing Xbeet plus in ground for the 2013 season.”

Richard Nicholls, Head of Commercial Agriculture for British Sugar plc, continued “2012 is a very special year, as the UK celebrates 100 years of the UK Beet Sugar Industry, and we hope to drive continued innovation and sustainability for the next 100 years. Xbeet plus reinforces this message and I am very excited about its launch for the next sowing season.”

For more information on Xbeet plus, contact Germains UK Key Account Manager, Corrie Taylor, ctaylor@translation.germains.com. Alternatively Germains will be attending the BBRO Summer Conferences where you can find out more information.