Xbeet® enrich 200 more yield in your field

Over the years Germains has developed unique processes to help manage yield fluctuations caused by pests and diseases, helping growers achieve consistent returns from their sugar beet crops. The company’s trusted Xbeet® seed treatments have now raised the bar in terms of evolving the science in crop emergence, early crop development and plant health with the launch of its new Xbeet® enrich 200.

Germains Seed Technology has been applying breakthrough bioscience to support the British sugar beet industry from the ground up for more than 50 years. Based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk Germains is at heart of the British sugar beet industry and surrounded by a rich history of the crop and innovation.

About Xbeet® enrich 200

Xbeet® enrich 200 is the new and improved offering from Germains Xbeet® seed treatment range and will be available for the 2021 season. Trialled and tested for the UK climate, enhancements include an extra coating of bio-stimulant, derived from natural plant extracts to help with crop health, accelerate emergence, increase yield and assist the crop to reach the critical twelve-leaf stage and mature plant resistance.

Xbeet enrich 200 plant graphic

Xbeet® enrich improves yield

Independent trials for the new Xbeet® enrich 200 have been carried out in collaboration with the BBRO and independent trial specialists and have shown an average yield benefit of 1.4% from Xbeet® enrich 200 over Xbeet® enrich 100 during 3 years of trials. The independent verification of the trial results by NIAB have shown the results are significant to the 95% confidence level.

Xbeet enrich 200 trial information

Further commercial scale strip trials in 2018 & 2019 have shown an average of 2.5% increase in yield across three trial sites in the UK. Commercial scale strip trials replicate commercial practice and give an indication of the results growers can expect from farm scale use of a product.

“We are really excited to be bringing our Xbeet® enrich 200 treatment to market. It addresses many of the establishment concerns of UK sugar beet growers. Our trial results have shown a significant yield increase and we look forward to growers seeing the benefits and ultimately the additional income” says Germains EU Commercial Manager, Richard Nicholls.

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