The Oxford Farming Conference|Defining Bold Agriculture

For over 70 years, UK’s farmers have been attending the annual Oxford Farming Conference at the University of Oxford’s Examination Schools. Industry leaders and farmers gather yearly to network and exchange information relevant to the UK’s agriculture industry.  This year’s conference topics include; biosciences, significant changes to English public rights of way law, sustainability, rural policy, UK consumer food buying habits that drive UK agriculture, and other subject matter that directly impacts farmers in the United Kingdom.

Oxford Farming conference 2015 Research Report

Oxford Farming Conference 2015 Research Report | Photo courtesy of The Oxford Farming Conference

2016 Oxford Farming Conference – Defining Bold Agriculture

Scheduled for 5-7 of January 2016, the theme of this year’s event is “Bold Agriculture”. The theme Bold Agriculture is to get farmers to start thinking like an entrepreneur. According to the conference’s website, “what we mean is bold decisions, bold vision and bold actions. The 2016 conference will expose you to the people, science and businesses that epitomise these descriptions; they will inform you, challenge you and inspire you – delivering the Oxford mantra.”

Photo courtesy of Laurence Olins

Mobile Packing Rigs photo courtesy of 2015 presenter Laurence Olins | Are shorter Supply Chains Really Benefiting Farmers?

Industry experts such as Chief Scientist at Climate Corporation David Fischhoff, Managing Director of Barfoots of Botley Limited Julian Marks, and General Manager and VP of Simplot Plant Sciences Haven Baker are just a few of the speakers scheduled to present at this year’s Oxford Farming Conference. Not only will the event host a number of industry experts, but inspiring entrepreneurial farmers from around the world have been invited to share their challenges and success.

Last Minute Registration is still Available – 2016 Oxford Farming Conference

The Oxford Farming Conference is one of the best agriculture networking events in the United Kingdom. Representatives from Germains Seed Technology has attended this conference for years and find it very beneficial for staying up to date with the current industry trends. The event is a great opportunity for networking with the United Kingdoms farmer community. For more information, please click here to register and preview the event schedule.