Strip Trial Emergence Update | 2016

Emergence counts have been completed at the majority of our strip trial sites that were drilled in late March across the Cantley, Newark, Wissington and Bury St. Edmunds areas. The showery weather that followed drilling has meant that these crops have not lacked moisture. Subsequently, we have seen evidence across the sites of consistent and uniform emergence of the trial seed. Also this showery weather has meant there was a gap of a couple of weeks before the remaining sites were drilled.

Strip Trial Emergence Counts

The cooler weather conditions at the end of April has slowed the emergence of some of our plots that were drilled in the this later period, around the Suffolk and North Norfolk sites. However, the early counts have now been done and we are confident that we will be able to conduct the final  emergence counts of the strip trials in the next couple of weeks.

Strip trial emergence counts

Emerging seedling at a strip trial plot in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk – 21/04/2016

Plant Size and Uniformity Assessment

Cyclops is our unique imaging system, developed to measure leaf area. It allows us to monitor the development of the young sugar beet plants and look at the effects of treatments on early plant growth. This supports our ability to provide data that will monitor plant growth to identify new products for growers.

Emergence Trials | Germains Seed Technology

Germains’ Cyclops technology in action

We are looking forward to conducting Cyclops assessments of the plots, which are scheduled to take place towards the end of May, following the final emergence counts.

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If you have any questions about Germains’ annual strip trials or wish to participate in future trials, please contact Commercial Development Manager Tessa Seymour.