Breedwise Students Visit Germains Aalten Facility

On Thursday 24th November a group of 18 students from Breedwise  visited Germains horticultural facility in Aalten, Netherlands.  The group consisted of seed professionals from 11 different vegetable and flower seed companies, who are attending the organisations biannual seed technology course.  During their visit to Germains, the students listened to a general presentation about the global activities of Germains and the horticultural expertise. Special attention was given to activities such as priming, pelleting, seed coating and health.


Breedwise Students in Discussion with Germains Operations Manager, Hans Derksen

By far the most interesting part of the visit was the tour through the factory of Germains, where the students could experience the daily operations of one of the largest independent seed technology firms. During the tour there were many very interesting discussions between the students and Germains tour- guides, who are all highly experienced seed professionals.

Mrs. Ir. Idy van Leeuwen, Director of Breedwise

Mrs. Ir. Idy van Leeuwen, Director of Breedwise

“The visit to Germains was of great value to our group, it allowed our students to see theory  practised and enjoy an open exchange of experience with Germains seed professionals.’’

Mrs. Ir. Idy van Leeuwen, Director of Breedwise


More About Breedwise

Breedwise is an independent training organisation for the seed sector, with a track record of more than forty years.  The aim of Breedwise is to train employees of seed and breeding firms, and institutions in this field. The courses are conducted in close co-operation with Wageningen University and Research Centre, Naktuinbouw (Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture on propagation material) and other institutions in the Netherlands.  The course subjects include: Genetics, Plant breeding, Molecular biology, Molecular Markers, Seed technology, Intellectual property, Plant Physiology, Plant Pathology and  Statistics. Breedwise instructors conduct courses in Dutch, English or German and are highly appreciated for their integration between theory and practical application.

Germains Seed Techonology Company Overview

Germains is one of the largest independent seed treatment companies in the world, with some 200 employees who are passionate about seed and the seed industry, we are proud to be a member this organization.  For more information please visit us at