Germains Aalten site receives ESTA Accreditation


Germains Seed Technology in Aalten, Netherlands, has recently received accreditation from the European Seed Treatment Assurance scheme (ESTA).

ESTA sets a standard for quality assurance to ensure seed treatment activities and seed treated with Plant Protection Products, meet industry requirements as they evolve. Following accreditation at our King’s Lynn UK site in December 2013, Germains Seed Technology now prides itself with having two sites that are accredited by ESTA.

Veronique Heyes, the EU Regulatory Manager, commented on the importance of ESTA:

“It is a priority for Germains to be at the forefront of good practice. Germains was the first seed treatment plant to achieve the ESTA standard in the UK. Our journey to align our European sites is progressing well, and I am delighted that our production facility in the Netherlands has now been received into the ESTA family. We will now focus plans for our Spanish facility to complete its journey to ESTA accreditation and ensure ESTA accreditation across all production facilities in Europe.”

ESTA was devised by the European Seed Association (ESA) in response to the EU Directive (2010/21/EU) which requires insecticidal seed treatments to ‘only be performed in professional seed treatment facilities.’