Xbeet® is our industry-leading 3rd generation priming technology. Until the launch of Xbeet® plus, the UK market had 100% Xbeet® treated sugar beet seed. 30% of the US market also use Xbeet®, and China and Europe are growth markets.

Xbeet® is an insurance policy for your sugar beet crop. With unpredictable weather conditions, Xbeet® works to enhances a seed’s potential in its early development, allowing it the strength to survive and thrive in its natural environment.

Key Benefits

  • Faster Speed of Emergence: To maximise the amount of sunlight captured by the crop
  • Increased Tolerance in Stressful Conditions: To protect against adverse weather conditions
  • Improved Uniformity: To optimise harvesting performance
  • Increased Yield: To increase income per hectare for the Grower

Grower Testimonial

“It’s not a question of why use Xbeet® , it has to be why not use Xbeet®! I still can’t think of a reason why not to. With today’s knowledge base, it is vital to get sugar beet a way to a rapid start so beet can achieve a full canopy as soon as possible to give it the best chance to reach its full potential, and Xbeet® does just that.”

Unprimed versus Xbeet

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