Supporting UK Growers

Since the 1960s, Germains continues to be committed to delivering innovative seed technologies to the UK’s Sugar Beet Industry. We have been successfully running field trials for the last six years on UK trial sites with Armstrong Fisher, BBRO and growers. These trials have demonstrated strong results for the new UK product: Xbeet® enrich100. Xbeet® enrich100 is a combination of a  new pellet and elicitor treatment, which triggers a plant’s natural defence mechanisms, resulting in stronger plants, leading to greater yield potential.

Following our evaluation, we’re pleased to share with you these results below.

Key Benefits of Xbeet® enrich100

  • Faster field emergence
  • Greater leaf coverage
  • Improved uniformity
  • Stronger plants leading to increased yield potential

New Pellet

Enhanced Leaf Area

Leaf area is measured using our unique image capturing program to analyse the average leaf area of plots and monitor early plant development.

The new pellet type demonstrated a greater leaf area of 3.8% relative to Xbeet plus.

Faster Early Emergence

The new pellet product demonstrated faster emergence of 7% relative to Xbeet plus across trials from 2011 – 2016.

Early emergence (2011 to 2016)
Xbeet® enrich100 vs Xbeet® plus

Elicitor Treatment

What is an Elicitor?

Naturally-derived Elicitors set off chain reactions that trigger different responses to not only pathogenic fungi and bacteria but also abiotic stresses such as drought, heat and cold to improve stress tolerance, crop establishment, growth and the yield of the sugar beet.

Approved for use as a Basic Substance under Regulation (EC)No. 1107 /2009.

Elicitor Benefit on Yield

In 6 years of field trials under various environmental and challenging conditions this particular Elicitor has demonstrated a promising benefit, increasing overall yield by an average of 1.3%.

Enhanced Yield -Xbeet® enrich100

Xbeet® enrich100 demonstrated an average increase in yield of 1.3%.

These trials were completed over 10 trial sites on 4 varieties.

Data independently analysed by NIAB. Difference significant at 95% confidence level

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