Backing Generations of Sugar Beet Growers

Germains is passionate about delivering innovative seed technologies to the UK’s Sugar Beet Industry and have been successfully running UK field trials with Armstrong Fisher, BBRO and growers for several years. These trials have demonstrated strong results for the new UK product: Xbeet® enrich100.

Xbeet® enrich100 is a combination of a new pellet and elicitor treatment, which triggers a plant’s natural defence mechanisms, resulting in stronger plants, leading to greater yield potential.

Key Benefits of Xbeet® enrich100

  • Faster field emergence
  • Greater leaf coverage
  • Improved uniformity
  • Stronger plants leading to increased yield potential


Enhanced Yield

Xbeet® enrich100 demonstrated an average increase in yield of 1.3%.

These trials were completed over 3 years, across 13 trial sites on 6 varieties.

Data independently analysed by NIAB. Difference significant at 95% confidence level.

Download our Xbeet® enrich100 Tech Sheet here

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