Organic power to combat bacterial disease.

Organically disinfect your Swiss chard, red beet or coriander seeds

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Got Clean Seed?

Organic power to combat bacterial disease.

ProBio® gopure® from Germains is an innovative new organic process that removes seed-borne pathogens from baby leaf crops such as Swiss chard, beet, and coriander.

ProBio® gopure® technologies offer many benefits, including:

  1. Significant reduction in Pseudomonas spp. on Swiss chard, beet and coriander seeds
  2. Certified organic seed process targeting seed-borne disease
  3. May help reduce transfer of pathogenic organisms onto other crops and into the field

Since ProBio gopure was introduced to the market, thus far we have disinfected over 800,000 lbs of our Swiss chard seed with ProBio gopure. All of the Swiss chard seeds we plant in own fields or sell to our customers is disinfected with ProBio gopure. We use Probio gopure because it’s an affordable preventive measure. By starting disease control before we even plant the seed, we reduce our odds and our customers odds for crop losses due to Bacterial Leaf Spot.


-Mass Market Commercial Grower Germains Customer for Over 15 Years

For a limited time, Germains will disinfect up to two seed lot samples of your Swiss chard, red beet, or coriander seeds at no cost to you!

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