Seed Treatments for Lettuce

Germains seed technologies maximize your crop’s potential in the field or greenhouse. Our seed technologies help; singulate seeds at planting to reduce thinning, improve emergence and uniformity, and provide early crop protection that contributes to improved yield.

The following are a few seed treatment options for you to select from for your next growing season.

Seed Treatments for Lettuce


The priming process regulates the seed’s temperature and moisture content, bringing the seed closer to the point of germination. The process involves advancing the seed to an equal stage of the germination process, to enable fast and uniform emergence when planted. The two priming options Germains have available for Lettuce are Tempo® and Tempo® HR.

Tempo® raised the upper temperature limit of the seed and reduces the requirement for light for the germination process. This improved both the speed and uniformity of the germination.

The Tempo® HR priming process delivers high range seed priming, generates a broader germination temperature range and extended shelf life. This extension of the Tempo® range provides further flexibility of longer storage, and increased performance under warmer and colder conditions.

Seed Treatments for Lettuce

Lettuce emergence


Planting always poses its challenges. If you want to overcome duplicate plantings, improve singulation, and or add crop protection to your seed, then you may want to consider applying a seed pellet to your seed. The following three options are available for lettuce:

• Propell® – a lightweight field pellet that splits rapidly and neatly when placed in moist growing conditions, allowing access to the seed for oxygen and light uptake for germination.
• Propell® Direct – allows the seed to be directly drilled using precision planters. The pellet also enables the seed to be tolerant of adverse field conditions that would otherwise affect the seed.
• Oxypil®- an easy to handle split pellet for cultivating crops in protected greenhouse environments.

When placing your order keep in mind that you may combine/stack seed pellets with other treatments such as priming and crop protection.


Filmcoating is a seed treatment process that encases the active ingredients within a thin film of binding materials that improves handling and reduces dust off for the end user. Germains offer Polycote® which is a precision application of fungicides, insecticides and other beneficial micro-organisms often adding a coloured layer to the seed, also enabling improved handling, dust free, cosmetically pleasing seed.

Filmcoating may be applied to raw seed; however specific pesticides do require them to be added as far away from the seed as possible to limit phytotoxicity.

Seed Treatments for Lettuce

Lettuce Field

Reflecting our commitment to meet the ever changing demands of today’s agriculture industry Germains also offer organic priming and pelleting solutions. Specifically designed for lettuce these include:



Organic Tempo® Organic OxyPil®
Organic Propill Select®
Organic Oxykote®

Germains’ organic seed treatments are certified by Skal Bio Controle in the Netherlands and the Soil Association in the United Kingdom.

If you have any enquiries please contact us directly for more information.