Seed priming is the process of regulating germination by managing the temperature and seed moisture content, in order to maximise the seed’s potential. This process can also be optimised according to our customer’s requirements.

Seed priming offers many benefits including:

  • Faster speed of emergence
  • Improved uniformity
  • Earlier canopy development
  • Wider temperature range for germination
  • Increased final population
  • Optimised harvesting performance
  • More yield and enhanced product quality

Germains offers four options of seed priming techniques for a number of vegetable species.

emergis® XV is a seed technology for spinach that induces earlier bolting and flowering while increasing the speed of germination and improves uniformity for parental line.

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Tempo is a priming process to combat abiotic stresses linked to temperature and light, enabling seed to germinate in the dark and under temperature stress. Tempo raises the upper temperature limit and reduces the requirement for light that is required for the germination process, improving both speed and uniformity.

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Tempo® hr delivers a High Range seed priming, generates a broader germination temperature range and extended shelf-life. Continuing to build on the strengths of the existing tempo® seed priming product, tempo® hr further enables flexibility of longer storage, and increased performance under warmer and colder conditions. Tempo® hr is compatible with Germains… read more.

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