Organic Seed Pelleting

Sugar beet seed pelleting set off the development of all seed technologies over seventy years ago. Germains was the first to create a conventional pellet for sugar beet seed that today has evolved into the development of certified organic seed pelleting for vegetables. Available for a number of vegetable species, Germains’ organic Pellets are available in five options that are suitable for a variety of growing regions throughout Europe, available in a variety of sizes and weights compatible with precision planters. Combine with priming to help maximise your seeds potential.

Organic Seed Pelleting technologies offer many benefits, including:

  • Produces bigger, rounder, and smoother seed pellets
  • Allows for precision drilling
  • Is the ideal carrier for some crop protection treatments
  • Ensures uniform size of pelleted seed allows ability to handle even the finest seed
  • Certified organic by the Soil Association and Skal Bio Controle

Preferred by organic growers producing carrots, onions and turnips; Organic Oxykote® is a tan, heavy, split pellet offering excellent plantability and uniform placement

Species availability:
Carrot, Lettuce, Turnip

Organic OxyLight® is a light weight is a high-quality organic splitpellet ideal for organic production of fennel and tomatos

Species availability:
Fennel, Tomatoes

A minimum build up encrustment/pellet ideal for precision planting certified organic open field crops.

Species availability:
Carrot, Onion, Parsnip

A plant raiser pellet that is suitable for organic celery and lettuce transplant production in trays and peat blocks.

Species availability:
Celery, Lettuce